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Carpooling with BlaBlaCar means you save and others can travel.

Thousands of departures every day. Where do you want to go?

Just say where you’re heading, where you’re leaving from and when. Then pick a ride that works for you! If you need more info, you can message drivers before booking.  Book and pay online. Tap book and pay for your seat. Once you do, you’ll have the driver’s phone number to get in touch. Click Here for more details.

For many women, carpooling can raise concerns about security, and although BlaBlaCar has a number of safety features that create a secure and trusted community, it may happen that some women still don't feel comfortable sharing a ride with a man they don't know. That's why BlaBlaCar created Ladies Only, to allow members to plan a ride where the driver and all passengers are women. Click Here for more details.

Driving somewhere? Say no to empty seats. Get your car seats earning money and meet fun people by sharing the journey. Need a lift? No problem! Search for someone who will drive you to your destination. 

The cost? goCarSharing is virtually always the cheapest way to travel. Click Here for details. 

Because GoCarShare is linked with Facebook it is easy to find out information about fellow users, such as whether you have friends in common, their interests, or university attended.

Share a lift back up to uni / Hitting any festivals this year? / Check out our sports events

Why Liftshare?

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Save money by sharing travel costs

Cut congestion and pollution

Reduce the stress of driving by sharing with great people

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